Cost of Electricity – What You Need To Know

Utility companies often impose an additional charge into your electricity rate. This is know as a Demand Charge, that is the maximum rate at which electricity was used in your home (in kilowatt hours) during any 15-minute period in the billing month. So what does that mean? The concept allows the utility company to bill you at the highest demand of the day. If you plotted your demand usage throughout the day you’d probably see that it fluctuates, and peaks at certain time of the day, say for instance at night when you turn on the computer, run the dishwasher, run the washing machine all at the same time.

So how can you you reduce your peak demand? Running appliances one after the other rather than at the same time would reduce your demand. And better yet, running them when you’re not using much electricity for other purposes (such as at night when the air conditioner is off) will reduce your demand even more. But what about the times when you have a power outage or power surge. Ever notice that when power comes back on everything seems to cycle, like the refridgerator, furnace/AC, freezer, computer etc. This can all increase your peak demand and can also increase your monthly bill.

All this can be achieved by using a whole house surge protector and power conditioner such as the PowerwoRx e3. This device is physically mounted on a wall near the panel of choice and connected to the panel via conduit and a dedicated circuit breaker. It should be installed by a professional electrician to meet your local code. PowerwoRx e3 increases the power factor, the percentage of electricity delivered to a house and used effectively, compared to what is wasted. The average home in America operates at a .77 power factor. This means that 23% of the electricity being delivered to the home is being wasted by your electrical load. The PowerwoRx e3 unit increases that power factor, in most cases, to .97 or .98, therefore increasing the effective use of the electricity and lowering usage.

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